About me

I’m a wildlife and nature conservation photographer and cinematographer.

Over my decades of being in the field, I have learnt a lot, taught a lot, and experienced a lot.

A few years ago, I had the good fortune of exhibiting my work at the Safaricom House and had Prof. Mordecai Ogada come give a talk about nature and the co-habitation we have with in East Africa. It was an eye opener for me and helped me understand that while we are in one way dependent on wildlife, and nature, we are also it’s keepers and we must understand that always, we have to have a balance.

Conservation itself cannot be about wildlife and nature alone. It encompasses the native peoples of the land and their habits, their habitations and their own traditions. Like the beehives of Mount Kenya being cut off by fencing the mountain off causing incredible harm to the local communities that rely on the resources of the mountain.

My works hope to encompass my ethos.